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Remember the Arab Spring? Fueled by social media, the people of several Arab nations started taking to the streets five years ago to demand a different way of life, a change in the relationship they have with their governments. Now granted, the Egypt, Libya and Syria of today may not look exactly like what we might have expected as a result of the protests – but if we look at our own history in America we can see that, as Martin Luther King Jr. said, its arc is long but does indeed bend…


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Blog Against Homophobia and Transphobia

(c) by Mary Griggs

I want to blog about privilege today. By that I mean the unearned advantage, power or entitlement conferred by membership in the dominant group. For example, some of us receive age advantages, ethnic advantages, physical ability advantages, as well as advantages related to nationality and religion.

These benefits are often times invisible to us. From my own…


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TODAY: My Fabulous Hair, Queer Rights & Trans Rights...

Dear queer activists,

If my fabulous childhood hair doesn't inspire you to throw money at something, I don't know what will! 

I might look happy in this photo, but the reality behind that smile was…


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Sitting Through The Lies

(c) by Mary Griggs

homophoes change lightbulb

Most of us, even masochists, surround ourselves with people who respect us and support us. Not all of them will be like-minded but they will, generally, not denigrate us to our faces.

That’s why it can be such a shock to hear the voices of our enemies, as they spout lies in their testimony against laws that would protect lesbian, gay, bisexual,…


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HRC, The Little Baby On The Block

It is apparent that the Human Rights Campaign [The Queens Club] got caught again with their pants down specifically at the Supreme Court Hearing in DC this past Wednesday.  One of the many witness such as Jerame Davis director of the National Stonewall Demarcates saw HRC staff members harass a transgender group who displayed the Transgender Flag during the demonstrations in DC in support of marriage equality to make them remove it, not once but several times and then made the statement that…


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My Gay Dad...

My father had been missing for days, and I had begun to accept that he was likely dead, when I discovered that he had been arrested at a fast food restaurant for agreeing to pay for sex with an undercover cop and a fictitious minor. I know now that he gave a bondsman a bad check and ran. He ran far.

Paranoid and malnourished, he began to lose his mind while fleeing from Pennsylvania to South Florida. A young woman called my grieving mother to tell her that a man had given her…


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Sticks, Stones, Words

by Mary Griggs

I recently witnessed a respected member of the LGBTQ community hectoring a respected member of the trans community on a Facebook forum.

She had posted a link about finding a t-shirt company that markets with the slogan of “tranny grannies” to be offensive. His response was that words have no power, that only actions hurt. He demanded that she…


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This Valentine's Day Fortune 500 Companies Are In the Spirit

Out and Equal at Work, releasing this Valentine's Day, provides a new perspective on the issue of LGBT rights with an insider’s look at LGBT culture at some the most successful Fortune 500 companies.
The anthology delivers 36 personal stories from the lives of LGBT and ally executives. Heartwarming as well as educational, their stories detail the struggles and dangers as well…

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HUD Settles Discrimination Claim Against Lesbian Couple


BOA agrees to pay $7,500, correct practices for alleged discrimination against lesbian couple


WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development announced on Jan. 2, 2013 an…


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Just Some Passing Thoughts Entering 2013

July 2012 was the last time I wrote. Did I go on vacation? Quit writing blogs? Run out of things to…


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Queer Words (An Advanced Degree in Queerology)

There are plenty of queer "glossaries" and "Trans 101" documents out there on the internet. But interacting in the…

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Vote for the Greater Good, Instead of the Lesser Evil

Open Letter on the November 6, 2012 California General Election (Bay Area)

Vote for the Greater Good—Write in Stephen Durham and Christina López for U.S. President and Vice-President

For Los Angeles letter, click here.

Everyday people think: the U.S. is way overdue for change. So when they encounter the Freedom Socialist Party Durham/ López campaign,…


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Golden Crown Literary Conference

I'm finally at the Doubletree Hilton Hotel in Minneapolis, Minnesota for the 8th Annual Golden Crown Literary Society Literary Conference after a day of flying SNAFU's. I left New Orleans at 8am and arrived in Nashville only to learn that the connecting plane was having mechanical problems and hadn't even left the ground in Florida. After finally scrubbing that…


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belting out "faggots" at Independence Hall

Once upon a time and long ago in a place not far away, pride used to be called “Gay Pride” and it wasn’t a whole month, it was a day, a very special day to commemorate a riot that happened during the last weekend of June in a city called New York. 


Queens and fags and dykes rebelled on that long hot night. When the cops didn’t get…


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Eleven Words

Have you ever had one of those times when you felt like no matter what you did, no one was thankful or appreciative of the amount of effort it took to do what you did?


Maybe at some point in your life you took on a project that…


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The Lesbian Agenda

I attended the Louisiana Rally Against the War on Women today in Baton Rouge and was impressed by the speakers who addressed many facets of women's rights--from violence against women and victim blaming to reproductive choices; from abortion to the Equal Rights Amendment. While the numbers of those gathered did not break a hundred, it was great to be a part of a nationwide movement to unite women against the attacks from religious extremists and legislators. For more information on the…


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Constitutional Recognition Of Non-Discrimination On The Basis Of Sexual Orientation


Human rights treaties do not specifically mention sexual orientation. However, discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation has been determined to be incompatible with adherence to the the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and reflected in all other universal and regional human rights instruments such as the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.[1] The African Charter, and…


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Gay Marriage Ate My Baby

I don't know what about all this gay marriage, committed monogamous love, serving in the military, being "born with it," or raising up normal non-gay babies that has gay people all excited.

And I'm not against two people of the same sex, whatever that means, getting married to each other. But I've never thought that to be "married," I needed to have an official of the church or state preside over that ceremony. So I have never felt limited or saddened by my legal inability, as a queer…


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AIDS: Still Kills, Maims and Destroys

My coming out days were lived out in Chicago, Illinois (1965-1982). I also came out prior to HIV/AIDS being part of our everyday lives.


During my time in Chicago, the gay community was party central but also a close-knit community. Over…


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