It is apparent that the Human Rights Campaign [The Queens Club] got caught again with their pants down specifically at the Supreme Court Hearing in DC this past Wednesday.  One of the many witness such as Jerame Davis director of the National Stonewall Demarcates saw HRC staff members harass a transgender group who displayed the Transgender Flag during the demonstrations in DC in support of marriage equality to make them remove it, not once but several times and then made the statement that marriage equality was not a transgender issue.


HRC has consistently made moves to exclude transgender inclusion in its history, like during the 2007 negotiations of the Employment Non Discrimination Act, [ENDA] and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell [DADT]. The staff member of HRC also stated during this Strong Arm Tactic during the demonstration in DC, that Transgenders are not included in Marriage equality. Read the article posted below for more detailed information.


I am calling on all transgender board members, steering committee member and volunteers to resign from HRC and cease all of its activity’s. I am calling for all LGBT allies to stop giving money to this bigoted organization and to stop supporting any fund raising activity’s for HRC. Also I am calling on all of my brothers and sisters of the Transgender community and LGB allies to start organizing demonstrations against HRC at all future Gala’s Like in 2007-2008. Also as the old saying goes, the buck stops at the top. I am calling for the resignation of Chad Griffin the HRC director

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