TODAY: My Fabulous Hair, Queer Rights & Trans Rights...

Dear queer activists,

If my fabulous childhood hair doesn't inspire you to throw money at something, I don't know what will! 

I might look happy in this photo, but the reality behind that smile was much different. In those days other students were relentlessly making my life a living hell because of my feminine gender expression - they carved fag into my locker, gave me black eyes, defaced my public school works, and yelled embarrassing things at me during school functions. 

You see, this hair style was made popular by the girls in my hometown who were blow drying their hair really high and then combing down the bangs. I learned how to perfect it from my babysitter.

Today, many years later, I'm proud to work at Transgender Law Center!

Transgender Law Center is making a difference everyday for transgender and gender non-conforming students and adults, and we are on the verge of becoming the #1 organization with the most unique donations on this, the first annual Give OUT Day. Also, donations count as triple today thanks to some generous matching donors. We need your support. Please give now.

Today we also passed two groundbreaking bills in the California Assembly, one that would ensure transgender students are able to participate in the programs and use the facilities that match their gender identity, and one that would streamline the process of legally changing your name and gender. 

Please celebrate these victories with a gift - even $5 counts. Reme...

Look, less than 5% of LGBT people give to LGBT organizations. We as a community must do better. And today, I'm asking you to join me in fundraising for an organiza... Just in the past year, TLC has achieved federal employment protections for gender non-conforming and transgender people, impacted national health care reforms, removed transgender exclusions from California health insurance plans, answered thousands of legal help line calls...the list of achievements goes on and on and on! 

How cool will it be to see a transgender rights organization be the #1 fundraiser for the day?! That's a statement we need to send.

With great pride, 

Mark Daniel Snyder


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Comment by Ethan St.Pierre on May 9, 2013 at 4:41pm

 I had a hair-do just like that! :-)


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