By Janice Covington

Many of our brothers and sisters in the Gay and Lesbian Community have a hard time understanding why a man wants to dress as a woman or a woman wants to dress as a man. To some the thought of a person dressing in the attire of the opposite sex is psychologically unsound.

The true transgender does not dress for fantasy, Living life as the opposite gender is away of life. A transgender person was born with a sense of being the gender they feel most comfortable with. I feel the inner soul and your self awareness constructs the make up of each person in our society, we all have an agenda in life. We live our life searching society for our place. We look for answers from others and ask our self where do I fit in? Most of the time we never find the answer. We accept our existence and move on.

Transgenders have been around since before the recording of time. How do transgender people know that they have different desires than heterosexuals? It’s much the same as when you know when you’re gay or lesbian. Most will say from childhood. In my case my parents knew before me. At eleven I was diagnosed as not developing as a boy. That was the best the doctor could come up with in 1959. The many studies about transgenders are inconclusive as to the reason why trnsgenders are transgender. Much the same with Gay men and Lesbians. Many therapist and psychiatrist contradict each other with their analysis. The bottom line is they have none. We just are. Lol

We move through life within the LGBT community. Some transgender people say we don’t belong in Gay or Lesbian community because some transgenders are heterosexual... I disagree with their analogy and whys. I feel we have a commonality, as we have the same hopes and fears as other members of the LGBT. Gays, Lesbians. Bisexuals all have the same discrimination, bigotry and hate towards them as we do. We all seek the same rights in fare housing, employment without prejudice. We also feel we should be able to go out to dinner, shopping, to a movie or even the club without being beat or even murdered by roofless vial people who prey on us and want to eradicate our existence.

I feel one of our biggest enemies is ourselves. I believe our government is not going to give us the rights that we were born with because we can’t come together as one. Recent history has demonstrated that we can’t. We insert a lot of wasteful negative energy to destroy ourselves with the hate that we can generate towards each other, instead of being a people with a positive force who can come together to achieve our goals. I believe the Christian right is wasting there efforts on us when they demonstrate our events and functions. They should just sit back and watch. Because, we in time will self destruct if we don’t change.

I see members of our own community turn there thumbed nose’s up at me. Yes you. You think I don’t notice. Think again. Ha. The vary people in our community who are supposed to be our leaders in the LGBT are the worst. Many LGBT organizations pick a transgender who is weak instead of strong to be a member of there board, by doing this they demonstrate to the financial foundations that they are transgender inclusive. These LGBT organizations also demonstrate they don’t want a true transgender activist who would work hard as s productive member of the community. What they perceive to want and have proven to want, is a non thinking puppet to control, so they can qualify for their grant money.

In my opinion it is shameful for a loving people to treat each other with no respect. Is it because I am a transgender? I don’t know for sure. But it sure seems that way. Sometimes I think that transgenders are viewed by some as humorous. I can assure you we are not here for anyone’s amusement. Sure many of us don’t pass in public but so what, we are who we are. We have a self pride within. We have dignity and all we want is acceptance as equals.

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